We focus on improving individual performance, increasing organisational effectiveness, reducing costs and growing revenue - ensuring sustainable profits for your business.



Gordian Business is a specialist consulting firm. We work with clients to find creative solutions and pursue opportunities to achieve breakthrough results. We are a client research-centred international business development company focusing on Australia, China and the Asia region.

When you contact us we will arrange a meeting to explore your business environment. It is critical that we understand your internal and external business challenges and the specific needs of your business.

We will determine the best plan to help you overcome your problem and implement changes. Our priority is turning your current potential into reality, to achieve better results now and in the future.

Workshops for Results

All workshops are customised for your specific business environment and needs. To ensure that we get the maximum results from the program, pre-workshop reading and live examples for the workshop are prepared, based around previously identified areas of focus. This ensures all tools created for the workshops are specific to your business priorities and remain the property of your company.

Workshop Delivery

We provide learning with action centred programs rather than pure concept-only learning, therefore enabling the workshops to reflect differences in groups and to have lasting impact.

The method of delivery involves lectures, group activities, role-plays and structured learning experiences with a case study approach for each workshop.  The workshops are highly interactive, engaging the group in processes that will challenge the thinking of the participants about how they are currently doing business.

Client Research & Surveys

In changing markets we help global clients to implement recommendations to improve customer relationships. We work fast, so by working with Gordian, you will get better results, faster. 

We don't just deliver reports, we deliver results.  

We have extensive experience with both client surveys and C-Suite interviews.

Client Surveys

Our team are experienced executives and so we understand that the purpose of a survey is not to just collect data but to identify what action is required. So, we construct surveys that will produce recommendations that can be implemented by specific managers within the organisation. 

C-Suite Interviews

We identify action required from C-Suite interviews by planning each interview. We plan C-Suite interviews that will produce insights into the strategic relationships and strategic plans for your customers. Critically, preparing for the interview involves in-depth research of your customers' organisation. In our experience this preparation shows credibility to ensure critical strategic issues are discussed in the limited time available for the interview.