Motivational Keynote Speakers

Are you looking for a motivational keynote speaker for your business conference. You need someone to challenge your team with practical insights and examples to motivate your teams to a new level of action.  Both of our speakers are based in Australia and have over 25 years commercial experience which makes their keynotes practical and challenging.

Putting together a business conference or event is a major planning, logistics and design exercise. To make the event meaningful, memorable and motivating takes a lot of experience and effort. 

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stephen kozicki

Stephen's keynote is Negotiate or Perish.

Stephen is a best-selling author, business educator and Australia's leading specialist in 'breakthrough business strategies'. He has a unique ability to convert the key issues from a range of business development topics into useful tools to improve the performance of your business.

Stephen is a highly sought after presenter. He has featured on Australian national television in the Money and Today shows. Articles about his work have appeared in Business Review Weekly and Professional Marketing magazine.

You will negotiate with more clients/prospects in the next 12 months than you have in the last five years, you must be agile to succeed as a negotiator.

The session will be highly interactive, challenging you with live examples on how you can apply this framework to your deals.

If you are serious about your future, this is a session you can't afford to miss!

Gary Photo 2016_3.jpg

gary peacock

Gary's keynote is Persuading Customers you can't afford to lose.

Gary is a specialist in improving and sustaining business performance, through implementing effective strategies and change management tactics to influence daily team behaviour.

One of Gary's specialities is presenting and communicating complex information in simple and interesting ways to diverse audiences from the boardroom to the factory. He is able to solve complex problems with creative and practical solutions. 

In most businesses, losing one of your best customers means losing a large portion of sales. These are the customers you can't afford to lose. How can you persuade these customers you can't afford to lose? Carefully!

This keynote will help you navigate the latest research. Using proven and practical methods, we will show you how to persuade your best customers.