Strategic Account Management


We live in a world where business and markets change rapidly. Customers are becoming more sophisticated in their buying strategies, so sales and key account teams need to be savvier too. For most companies a few key customers produce a large share of profits, so losing a major customer results in a larger profit loss. Consequently, successful sales and senior management teams need to plan and build strategies for handling key accounts that drive longer-term relationships and higher profitability.

Our Strategic Account Management program provides you with the tools to manage key customers. You will learn how to create strategic account plans, prioritise accounts, and better allocate time and resources in order to reach sales targets and improve profits. The program will demonstrate how your organisation can build relationships with your customers, understand their changing needs, increase your value to their business and increase their loyalty so that every customer is an active referral for your business.


The Strategic Account Management program demonstrates how to prioritise different customers and major accounts to increase the return on your investment. Focusing on the development of strategic account plans to reach sales targets and improve profits, this program introduces a critical tool kit. This tool kit will enable business teams to successfully plan, to better understand and to build sustainable relationships with their existing key accounts. To ensure the program is immediately beneficial, it is designed with built-in action steps and key performance indicators.

Our program will be customised to meet the needs of your organisation using the following framework:


This program is suited to all company stakeholders who play a role in managing key customer relationships including:

  • Sales managers and key account managers in large organisations
  • Senior and functional managers across the business who have P&L responsibility
  • Team members involved in negotiating with key accounts (including sales and marketing managers and directors)
  • Those who manage senior level relationships with key stakeholders


Gordian Business has been delivering this program for more than 15 years. We have assisted leadership and key account teams to implement strategic account management programs across the APAC region in industries including:


Medical supplies

Information Technology


Transport and logistics


Financial services


Professional Services


As a result of this program your team will develop skills and processes with outcomes that include:

  • Building a profitable and customer-driven key account organisation
  • Understanding your critical customer needs and developing ways to protect these key accounts
  • Leveraging the competitive advantage of key accounts to your business
  • Examining the financial fundamentals of dealing with major accounts
  • Influencing key stakeholders and different audiences in critical accounts to ensure financial gain
  • Learning to negotiate with accounts that focus on price
  • Developing ways of protecting key accounts

Facilitator: Gary Peacock
Head of Innovation and Research

Gary is a specialist in improving and sustaining business performance. He improves performance through business coaching on implementing effective strategies and change management tactics to influence daily behaviour. One of Gary's specialities is presenting and communicating complex information in simple and interesting ways to diverse audiences from the boardroom to the factory. He is able to solve impossible complex problems with creative and practical solutions.

He has over 20 experience in senior leadership roles and is a member and contributor to the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA). His strengths include; improving and sustaining business performance, strategy, change management, simplifies complex information, strategic account management, innovation and problem solving. He is the best-selling author of two business books: Managing B2B customers you can't afford to lose and Persuading for Results.

His academic achievements include:

  • Master's degree from Cranfield Technology School, UK
  • MBA from Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)
  • Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)


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