Motivational Keynote Speakers

Are you looking for a motivational keynote speaker for your business conference? You need someone to challenge your team with practical insights and examples to motivate your teams to a new level of action. A motivational speaker drives your audience to action, firing their creative side and inspiring them to change behaviours back in your organisation.

Both of our keynote speakers are best-selling authors based in Australia and have over 25 years commercial experience which makes their keynotes practical and challenging. A keynote speaker outside your organisation will show your audience why they need to change and what they need to change. Our keynote sessions are high energy and feedback from previous keynote audiences is that they are also highly motivational. We often deliver in the session most speakers hate - just after lunch - because we get the audience active, involved and working on ideas, energising the audience for the rest of the day.

Engaged audiences are more motivated and open to change and creating breakthrough ideas.

Putting together a business conference or motivational event is a major planning, logistics and design exercise. To make the keynote meaningful, memorable and motivating takes a lot of experience and effort. 

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stephen kozicki

Stephen is the managing partner at Gordian Business and is a best-selling author, business educator and Australia's leading specialist in 'breakthrough business strategies'. He has a unique ability to convert the key issues from a range of business development topics into useful tools to improve the performance of your business. Stephen personally focuses on increasing productivity and profitability for all clients.

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gary peacock

Gary is head of innovation and research at Gordian Business and is a specialist in improving and sustaining business performance. Gary improves performance through implementing effective strategies and change management tactics to influence daily team behaviour. He presents and communicates complex information in simple and interesting ways; solving complex problems with creative and practical solutions.