Recent Business Coaching and Consulting Engagements

Action Consulting©

Gordian Business consultants always start with a blank piece of paper, which means we do not have a packaged solution for your opportunity or problem. Our customised business coaching can get your business on the right track.

Our Action Consulting© assignments range from complex negotiation projects, to our IT guru giving feedback on systems integration within business groups. They are then better informed to be able to provide advice on systems, processes, structure, strategy and business planning. It is through our consulting that we are able to begin to "turn your potential into reality".

Some of the solutions that we provide are direct one-on-one business coaching, working with individuals and small teams on live projects.

Some recent consulting engagements:

  • Preparing a team for a specific major contract re-negotiation.
  • Developing a negotiation process with an individual CEO for a major acquisition.
  • Facilitation of a major change process for a national multi site business.
  • Developing systems, processes and training for a vendor management initiative.
  • Development and ongoing management of a strategic framework for top clients.
  • Alignment of a large organisational structure with system wide improvements.

These projects have varied in length from 12 months, ongoing to a 3 month start and finish project.

jigsaw pieces in hand.jpeg