B2B Consulting

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gordian business is a dynamic b2b consulting firm

Working with leading companies in financial services, pharmaceutical, medical products and high end manufacturing markets, we find creative solutions and opportunities to deliver breakthrough B2B results. Across Australia, India and the Asia region, we help grow your business using leading edge research processes, finding evidence to increase your competitive edge and to improve your results.

A senior member of the Gordian Team manages each consulting project ensuring the team’s expertise -- industry thought leaders, best-selling authors and academic best-in-class contributors -- will be used in your projects.

In your ever-changing marketplace, disrupted by digital and artificial intelligence (Ai) technology, we will work with you to create the best plan to leverage your opportunities or overcome your challenges and transform your organisation. We always adapt our tools and actions to suit your next challenge, prioritising achieving better results faster, now and in the future. We listen to your challenges and then challenge your thinking.

From our clients’ results, our consulting projects increase profits: one client received $17 revenue for every $1 invested. Our goal is to increase revenue, and deliver long-term, sustainable and profitable growth.