Gordian Business is a specialist consulting firm. We work with clients to find creative solutions and pursue opportunities to achieve breakthrough results. We are a client research-centred international business development company focusing on Australia, China and the Asia region.

On each client assignment, we focus on improving individual performance, increasing organisational effectiveness, reducing costs and growing revenue, to ensure sustainable profits for your business. In essence, we tailor solutions to fit each market, industry sector and cultural environment for optimal results.

How we add value

We work with senior managers and their teams finding innovative and sustainable processes to business opportunities and solving impossible problems. We find solutions by busting silos and increasing your focus on your top clients. We energise clients and turn your business potential into reality with skills to improve and execute your planned strategies. We use action consulting, technologically advanced customer research, business development, keynote addresses and business coaching workshops to create new results.

We add value for our clients by increasing your results and helping you build solid long-term business relationships.

The Gordian Competitive Edge

We provide you with a unique competitive edge in a world that shifts daily from turbulent to chaotic. During the life of your project with us, we will not work with your number one competitor during this time. This allows you to decide who your key competitor is within your business landscape before we start the project. 

You can then ensure all new processes developed specifically for you have been implemented into your practices and marketplace. You can produce results and do it fast, by having something unique to you and your team!

"We will not work with companies that make and produce tobacco related products, weapons of mass destruction including land mines and any products related to the production of genetically modified crops."