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Stephen Kozicki

Stephen Kozicki, Managing Partner

Stephen is a business educator and leading specialist in 'breakthrough business strategies'. He has a unique ability to convert the key issues from a range of business development topics into useful tools to improve the performance of your business. As the principal partner in one of Australia's leading business advisory firms, Stephen personally focuses on increasing productivity and profitability for all his clients.

He has over 25 years experience in senior leadership roles. His strengths include; business coaching, negotiation, effective presentation, dealing with cross-functional teams and strategic account management. He is the best-selling author of three business books: The Creative Negotiator, Persuading for Results and Managing B2B customers you can't afford to lose.

His academic achievements include:

  • Advanced Negotiating Skills from Harvard University

  • Masters of Business

  • Diploma of Training and Assessment

  • Graduate Certificate of Marketing

email: stephen@gordianbusiness.com.au

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Gary Peacock

Gary Peacock, Head of Innovation and Research


Gary is a specialist in improving and sustaining business performance. He improves performance through business coaching on implementing effective strategies and change management tactics to influence daily behaviour. One of Gary's specialities is presenting and communicating complex information in simple and interesting ways to diverse audiences from the boardroom to the factory. He is able to solve impossible complex problems with creative and practical solutions.

He has over 20 experience in senior leadership roles and is a member and contributor to the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA). His strengths include; improving and sustaining business performance, strategy, change management, simplifies complex information, strategic account management, innovation and problem solving. He is the best-selling author of two business books: Managing B2B customers you can't afford to lose and Persuading for Results.

His academic achievements include:

  • Master's degree from Cranfield Technology School, UK

  • MBA from Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)

  • Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

email: gary@gordianbusiness.com.au

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Jill Thain

Jill Thain, Head of Marketing

Jill joined Gordian in March 2013, from a varied background in both business and childcare. This mix of past achievements provides her with a fresh creativity which she brings to her role as Head of Marketing and EA to the team.

In her varied careers she has been a data manager, new systems and process manager, training and implementation manager and manager of a childcare centre. These roles have provided Jill with excellent communication and relationship development skills, alongside the ability to remain calm and find a solution.

She has recently attended editing and marketing courses to promote her skills within the company.

email: jill@gordianbusiness.com.au