Vision Statement

"Gordian Business provides high-growth performance consulting, rigorous research and structured solutions to our clients. In the markets and clients that we serve we are recognized to be a leading provider of results-based outcomes. As a result of past performance Gordian Business is an internationally recognised leader in business development."

To achieve our vision, we will:

  • Deliver value to clients by providing superior solutions through consulting, provide of state-of-the-art research procedures, keynote speeches and interactive workshops that produce results.

  • Develop a distribution and execution capability in domestic and international markets by developing key partnerships with competent independent consultants.

  • Provide a comprehensive range of support material.

  • Deploy technology appropriately to enhance our competitive position through online research, face to face surveys and a blended technology driven delivery of solutions.

 The outcome is we do not have "off the shelf" courses as we are not a training company, there are many fine companies that have standard training solutions to your complex business problem, if you need that, sadly we can not help.

Therefore, we arrive at our first meeting with a blank piece of paper and not with a pre-determined solution already in mind.

Our Values

  • Have fun, develop as individuals and grow as a team.

  • Maintain a balanced lifestyle.

  • Work with clients that mirror and value our ethics; as such we will not work with tobacco companies, or companies that manufacture, distribute or sell weapons of any sort.