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Working with B2B decision makers, we help you grow faster and make your organisation more efficient. Delivering sustainable results for you by implementing strategy so you outperform your competitors by creating value for your customers. Transforming your organisation by leveraging digital and AI technology.


Some of the challenges we have helped with:

Our clients

Our clients span many industries ...
Banking, Information Services, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Transport & Logistics, Tertiary Institutions and more.

SAM has had the biggest impact of any initiative we have undertaken in the last five years. The business is almost unrecognisable.
— Chris Cowley

Recent consulting engagements include:

  • developing a strategy for managing major clients within the pharmaceutical segment

  • improving vendor management within a global transport group to deliver greater financial value

  • a large AUD $600 million contract negotiation within the manufacturing sector.

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Our services

The speed and pace of change is never going to be as slow as it is today. If you think it’s fast now, just wait.
— Smartcompany

Global Community Action

Gordian Business delivers workshops and consulting for clients in Australia, Asia, the United States of America and Europe. As a result, we are strongly committed to supporting communities on a local and global level. This commitment is currently being demonstrated in financial support for non-profit organisations.

Compost Coffee Creations

Source: juan pablo arenas_Pexels

Source: juan pablo arenas_Pexels

We aim to eliminate waste from the whole coffee journey, from manufacture to serving delicious cups of coffee in cafes. Working with ethical and socially responsible companies, helping them to become more sustainable by recycling their waste products to reduce the impact on landfill and the environment.

A Planet Ark report in 2016 identified that 3000 tons of coffee waste from cafes are produced a year in Sydney alone. Of this, 93% ends up in landfill. Not to mention the coffee husks from manufacturing and hessian sacks from distribution. If you are interested in finding out more download the report.

Make your own coffee compost using the instructional video’s below:

Create your own compost bay

Add a front to your compost bay

Additional resource links:

•BlendCo: https://expressocoffee.com.au/

•Narara EcoVillage: https://nararaecovillage.com/

•Zaytuna Farm: https://zaytunafarm.com/

•How to Create and Maintain Soil Fertility: https://youtu.be/9bZXBxtpq3E

•18 day fast compost: https://youtu.be/1Tk_melmv14

•ABC Gardening, Building compost bays: https://www.abc.net.au/gardening/factsheets/building-compost-bays/9436232

Opportunity International

image by jansen ferma_Pexels

image by jansen ferma_Pexels

Opportunity International is working to not just fight poverty but end it. Giving families the tools they need to work their way out of poverty, live safe and healthy lives, send their children to school and create a new future for generations to come.

5.6 million families in Asia are making the journey out of poverty thanks to the great work of Opportunity International. 95% of loan clients are female and they have an amazing 98% loan repayment rate. Gordian Business is proud to have supported 685 families out of poverty. We are so impressed with the work of Opportunity International that Stephen included them as a case study in his latest best-selling book The Creative Negotiator.

If you would like more information or to become involved yourself: https://opportunity.org.au/join-a-community/

Global Action - Permaculture

As well as being leaders of negotiation, innovation and account management, Gordian is dedicated to environmental sustainability. To address the crisis of environmental destruction and to mitigate its effects on current and future generations, Gordian Business has explored an environmentally sustainable form of design, known as Permaculture.

Developed by Bill Mollison and David Holgrem in the 1970s, Permaculture is a means of sustainable development, design and food production that can be exercised in any climate, with any culture. Permaculturalists seek to return food production to cities, minimise waste and maximise sustainable energy use.

The Permaculture Community comes together at International Permaculture Convergences.

The International Permaculture Convergence brings together Permaculture practitioners from around the world to share their experiences and to strategise about the future of the Permaculture movement. Policy makers, researchers, academia, farmers, and some of the most inspiring and experienced practitioners from around the world come together to think, share, innovate, learn and dialogue in a diverse and engaging programme.

The latest theme 'Towards Healthy Societies' had special emphasis on women as agents of change in building sustainable communities. Gillian is well on her journey as an agent of change. When she became a ferment revivalist and started sharing her passion to empower others to 'Ferment to Better Health', through Cultured Artisans. You can learn more by emailing Gillian at: gillian@culturedartisans.com.au.

Newport Over 35s Rubgy Club

Newport Over 35s.jpg

Our working lives are becoming longer and more stressful. This increases the risk to our mental health and reduces the time we have to socialise. Studies now show that the stress we feel during our working careers impact the enjoyment and health of our retirement.

Physical exercise has been proven to have positive benefits on people’s mental health. Exercise releases chemicals, like endorphins and serotonin which improve your mood. Group exercise has now been proven to help reduce loneliness and isolation. https://www.medibank.com.au/livebetter/health-brief/health-insights/join-the-community-can-group-exercise-improve-your-mental-wellbeing/

Playing sport, particularly a team sport is great way to reduce stress. Newport Over 35s Rugby Club is a bunch of over 35’s who train and play rugby both socially and competitively. A club of mates supporting each other while playing a game they love.

If you’re local and interested in making some new mates while improving your fitness and reducing your stress levels now and in the future, check out the club here: https://www.facebook.com/NewportOver35s/ or get in touch: secretary@newportrugbycom.au.

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