Competing on Value

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Your customers will only make strategic investments if there are compelling reasons - prove your value

Not all customers value your products and services in the same way. And yet, many companies service all their customers in the same way, stretching scarce resources, reducing profits and missing an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction.

To sustain and grow profits, companies need to understand what customer's value, and then create plans to deliver it consistently. Also, companies need to motivate and manage their staff to add value to their processes by only delivering what the customers value.

You must connect with your customers' business needs and the decision makers's perception of value because decision makers decide on price and value. This means you need a clear value proposition that connects to the needs of your customers. 

This workshop will build a value proposition for different industries an accounts. Specifically, working on how to compete with numerous large and small, traditional and non-traditional competitors.

Value for decision makers is how a product or service delivers results for them. To add value, a service must do at least one of four things: create opportunities, eliminate problems, reduce costs or raise revenue.

In the Competing on Value workshop, participants will define a value proposition - a concise statement identifying the financial value your company can deliver to your customers. Also, you will use persuasion research to create a more powerful value proposition for your customers. This workshop moves beyond product and service benefits to business results.

The key here is to understand that a value proposition is not merely a product or service; it includes the entire customer experience.
— Fred Reichheld

Who should attend:

This program is suited to all stakeholders who manage key customer relationships, including: senior managers, functional managers, sales managers, account managers, department heads.

Program outcomes:

Participants will:

  • Understand the value delivered by their products and services
  • Understand how to deliver more value to compete more effectively
  • Craft a succinct value proposition for use in presentations and proposals for their customers in their industry verticals
  • Connect this value proposition with any new sales opportunity
  • Increase customer satisfaction and increase profits by:
    • Understanding what customers value and do more of it or do it better
    • Understanding what customer do not value and do less of it or reduce the costs of providing it

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