Executive Interviews

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How can your account managers connect with senior executives?

To manage their major accounts more strategically, account managers need to develop executive relationships. To develop executive relationships account managers need to connect with c-level executives.

However, most account managers are used to dealing at the operational and mid-management level. So, building relationships with senior executives is unfamiliar territory. Many account managers lack the confidence and knowledge to initiate and develop c-level relationships. In short to connect with their account's senior executives.

Because the first meeting with a senior executive is critical - most times you will only get one chance - having the skills and confidence to prepare for and effectively manage the first meeting is vital.

Typically, once account managers are ready to meet with senior executives at their major accounts, they have three questions:

  1. How do I get the meeting or interview?
  2. What questions should I ask?
  3. How will I know if the meeting or interview was successful?

This workshop provides account managers with the tools and processes to overcome their anxiety, and help them plan for, secure and conduct meetings with senior executives. During this workshop attendees will be asked to prepare for and conduct a meeting with a real senior executive, as well as analyse a media interview with a public company CEO as if they preparing to meet with this executive

You will be provided with practical tools and insights to help account managers build stronger relationships by connecting with senior executives. It will challenge account managers to change their perspectives:


Your company's products & services

Only creating value for your company



Your strategic account's business issues

Also creating value for your strategic account


This change of perspective and increased confidence will focus account managers on their customer's business results an key issues. Creating joint value for both companies and moving discussions to be more strategic.

Who should attend:

Experienced account managers used to dealing with mid-management at their major accounts, who need the skills and confidence to build more strategic relationships, and connect with senior executives.

Program outcomes:

Account managers will:

  • Obtain executive meetings
  • Have the skills to prepare for executive meetings
  • Know how to develop some powerful questions
  • Capitalise on executive access to identify and develop opportunities to build value
  • Use meetings to strengthen their relationship with client executives

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