Focusing on your top 20 customers

The critical accounts you can’t afford to lose


Leverage Value over Price for Fast Results

Speaker: Stephen Kozicki

The world of business is becoming more global and constantly changing; evolving technology, economic uncertainty, changing competitors and changing customer needs.

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More sales come from fewer customers. Not in your business? Try this: calculate how many customers you have in total and how many would be 10% of this? What percentage of your sales do they generate? If you are lucky, it will be 50% or less. If you are unlucky, it could  be 95% of your sales.

Imagine presenting at your management meeting that your revenue has dropped by 95% or even just dropped by 50%  because you lost a big customer. You would be hoping the management team believe in the phrase: Don't shoot the messenger.

In most businesses, losing one of their best customers would mean losing a large portion of their sales. These are the customers you can't afford to lose.

These customers will not always do what you want. How can you persuade these customers you can't afford to lose? Carefully, and based on value creation and not on bigger discounts!

Value creation is a skill that can be learned. Learn how to improve your competitive position with your best customers.

Customer experience is a major differentiator for companies. With rising customer expectations it's a challenge for companies to differentiate their offerings while reducing costs and complexity for their customers and still make a profit. Focus on your most important customers and make your company easy to deal with, keep things simple for your customers, but customise the experience. Simple and customised experiences require agile and advanced persuasion skills.

As a leader or account executive, you need to think about how prepared and how agile you are as a business in dealing with your top accounts. Also, consider the trends in your industry and ask these questions of you and your team:

  • Are you seeing chaotic behaviours in your markets by your top accounts or by your erratic competitors?

  • Are you making decisions quickly enough with top accounts based on value?

  • Are you agile like a small mountain goat or rigid as a big rock?

For some small customers, you can just improvise with your persuasion. For customers you can't afford to lose, you must reach for the best tools and take the time to prepare. If you get it wrong, there are rarely second chances.

It’s not the big that eat the small...
it’s the fast that eats the slow.
— Jason Jennings & Laurence Haughton

This keynote will help you navigate the latest research in value and growing your most important accounts. Using proven and practical methods, we will show you how to persuade your best customers. 

This session will be highly interactive and challenge you to apply this process in your daily relationships.

Stephen Kozicki, a leading Australian author and business educator who is an expert in the field of business development, is the presenter of this keynote. He has consulted on live negotiations with clients in the USA, Asia and Europe over the past 25 years.

When Stephen is not delivering keynotes, he consults on large deals and has just consulted a $650 million supplier contract negotiation, a $23 million new business deal for a medical devices company and an internal negotiation on head count for $2 million.

If you are serious about your future, this is a session you can't afford to miss at your conference!

This keynote is a must for everyone with customers they can't afford to lose. The strategies and techniques you'll learn are advanced and complex.

Included in this keynote:

  • Why manage a group of accounts strategically?

  • Tips for unlocking growth in your largest accounts

  • Practical tools to leverage relationships and value faster

Each person attending this keynote will receive a copy of the highly acclaimed eBook: Persuading customers you can't afford to lose.