Negotiate or Perish: Be a Creative Negotiator

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Speaker: Stephen Kozicki

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We live in interesting times, competition is increasing at breakneck speeds, supply is overtaking demand and we see commoditisation of products and services. In today's turbulent world, key clients cannot support long-term suppliers purely on long-term relationships. So, when negotiating with key customers you need to concentrate on value creation for your customers and how your products or services deliver measurable results.

Just got my copy of The Creative Negotiator. The book is impressive. I finally have a book to recommend when someone says they want to master negotiation.
— Philip Kotler, Marketing Guru

Negotiation in today's commercial context is demanding, complex and vital to the success of your business. Negotiation skills are a core competency of every successful team member. It is the avenue to sustainable business growth, cohesive teams, strong business relationships and commercial conflict resolution.

You will negotiate with more clients/prospects in the next 12 months than you have in the last five years, you must be agile to succeed as a negotiator.

The world of B2B is changing, and changing fast, characterised by turbulence, shifting regulations, evolving technology and economic uncertainty. The fiercely competitive climate and the rapidly shifting business models are challenging the foundations of many companies and businesses. The financial performance and economic viability of many corporations are at stake.

So, each entrepreneur, executive, manager and negotiator needs to be agile in response to these economic and competitive drivers.

Negotiating at global-best-practice is a skill that can be learned and practiced to achieve required outcomes. When individuals and organisations understand how to negotiate well, they can achieve the best results in every situation regardless of the country or culture.

If you are looking to advance the skills of your organisation in complex situations then this session is a must, attendees will learn how to move from a good negotiator to a great negotiator. We will look at  your competitive edge through the lens of value, and discover how value-creating opportunities can be used in negotiation to move the discussion away from price.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
— Warren Buffett

This keynote utilises international research to demonstrate how managers can effectively influence and negotiate to achieve and sustain results beyond the ability of their competitors.

The session will be highly interactive, challenging you with live examples on how you can apply the framework to your deals.

Stephen Kozicki, a leading Australian author, and business educator, who is a specialist in the field of business development, is the presenter of this keynote. He has consulted on live negotiations with clients in the USA, Asia, and Europe over the past 25 years.

When Stephen is not delivering keynotes, he consults on large deals and has just completed a $650 million supplier contract negotiation, a $23 million new business deal for a medical devices company and an internal negotiation on head count for $2 million.

If you are serious about your future, this is a session you can't afford to miss at your conference!

This keynote is a must for everyone who is already a good negotiator and wants to get better. The strategies, techniques, and tactics you'll learn are advanced and complex.

Discussion points for conversation at the keynote:

  • What Neuroscience tells us about why people buy

  • Negotiation in the brave new world of business

  • The five key challenges that must be solved for you to win more deals!

Each person attending the keynote will receive a copy of the highly acclaimed eBook by Stephen: The Agile Negotiator.