Creativity Skills Course:
Rapid Creativity Creates Fast Results

This creativity skills course is for everyone who makes decisions. The course allows participants to see their problems and opportunities from different points of view. In your organisation, you are most probably facing increasing pressure to produce more for less. More with less time, more with less money, more with less people. You are faced with tough problems more often, so you need a tool to help you solve these problems fast.

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This innovative process use rigour and relevance to accelerate solutions to your real-world business problems. From working with senior managers in many industries around the globe, the Idea Pack© captures years of experience and collects the most effective ways of identifying strategic issues in business problems.

In this Rapid Creativity Creates Fast Results® course you will use the globally acclaimed Idea Pack© to generate breakthrough ideas - to produce results fast.

Most organisations have limited resources (time, money and people) to exploit ideas. So, after creating lots of good ideas, it is critical to use the Idea Pack© to help choose the best idea to work on. This process allows diverse teams to be innovative and then create practical solutions. The Idea Pack© encourages people with different communication and thinking preferences to work productively on business problems.

Course features

Unique to NEWCourse at UON Sydney, this creativity skills course will not only present you with concepts, but it will empower you with practical insights and tools which will support you once back in your workplace.

Before the Course

Review your existing creative performance and prepare a one page summary. Supported by our expert instructor, this summary will provide the basis for your personalised approach to this customer relations management course.

After the Course

In addition to the learning outcomes you will receive the following resources after attending this creativity skills course:

  • Comprehensive course notes to refer to once back in the workplace.
  • An online Creativity Tool.
  • An Idea Pack©

learning outcomes

This creativity skills course will develop breakthrough actions to solve practical business problems fast, and it will create:

  1. Value for your clients
  2. Value for your team
  3. Value for your business

intended audience

This creativity skills course is suitable for senior managers and functional managers who want to solve business problems fast. Also, the workshop is for representatives from different departments who can influence the solution or a complex problem. And for companies who want to work with their customers to: solve a serious problem or seize an exciting opportunity.

This workshop is particularly powerful if a group of 4 or 5 participants from the same company work together to solve a business issue.

course content

This creativity skills course will cover the following content and will identify problems and solutions:

What's my problem?

  • Choosing a challenge
  • Barriers to thinking
  • Identifying costs and consequences

Generating Ideas and Choosing Actions

  • Creating ideas - fast
  • Selecting ideas - fast
  • Choosing actions with highest payoffs.

During the training course, we use a practical tool to generate ideas and to select the best ideas: the Idea Pack©. This pack is designed to promote strategic and creative thinking for innovation, solving business problems - fast.

Course prerequisites

This creativity skills course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public. After completing this persuasive skills course you may also be interested in:

  • Persuading for Results®
  • Negotiate for Immediate Results©
  • Manage Top Accounts for Results©

delivery style

This creativity skills course uses reason and imagination to innovate and deliver fresh practical solutions. It will be delivered as an interactive, practical session with instructor lead, group and individual activities. Participants will challenge their thinking and work on existing business problems they bring to the session.



Friday 17th March 2017
9am - 5pm
$935 GST free

Friday 30th June 2017
9am - 5pm
$935 GST free

Friday 22nd September 2017
9am - 5pm
$935 GST free