Top Negotiators Toolkit©

Thank you for purchasing the Negotiation Toolkit. A copy of The Creative Negotiator is already on its way to you. While you are waiting for its arrival, download the tools below and start watching the videos to walk you through the toolkit.

This toolkit will help you get faster results for every negotiation. Simple and practical, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and become a top negotiator.

1.Critical Issues Cases & Examples©

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Defines negotiation and explains the framework and importance of relationships and critical issues when negotiating. Includes four examples for negotiating in different situations:

  • B2B Business

  • Pay Rise

  • New Job

  • Buying Your Dream Home

2.Critical Issues Tool©

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A fast, practical tool, designed for a more creative approach to negotiating.

This is an empty version of the tool for you to practice with and use for your upcoming negotiations.

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(11 mins)

(6 mins)

Case Studies

(6 mins)

(6 mins)

(6 mins)

(6 mins)

3. Ask the Negotiator®

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Ask an experienced negotiator a question.

You can email or make a 15-30 minute telephone call about the tool or the book, or ask about an upcoming negotiation.


Phone: +61 2 9450 1040

Your question will be forwarded to an available senior negotiator.

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