Persuading for Results®

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In challenging economic conditions, winning business is getting tougher - communicate value

Competitors are hungry for business and aggressively discounting their prices.

Persuading for Results® will prepare executives, senior managers, experienced sales people and teams for critical presentations to win business against tough competitors. Working on live pitches, attendees will learn to deliver more effective presentations. Presentations that communicate how value will be created and how they will produce results for clients.

This intensive two-day program includes the Persuading for Results® model, and examines what it takes to win a pitch. It includes a unique process to help you confidently deliver strong presentations. It is designed to highlight the need to manage both emotion and logic with key internal an external stakeholders.

Who should attend

Teams that come together to work on large value, complex presentations.

Program Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand how to engage the hearts and minds of their audience
  • Dramatically improve their chances of making the sale
  • Create more compelling messages on value
  • Practice and improve their presentation
  • Create persuasive presentations, faster

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