Persuasion Needs Courage

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Both in B2B and Saving the Planet

By Stephen Kozicki

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In the current challenging economic conditions, winning business and saving the planet are getting tougher. Your competitors are hungry for business growth, they are growing their market share by taking your business.

Courageous persuasion in a B2B context will prepare you for all critical conversations, meetings and presentations to grow you business against tough competitors. We will look at a bold move to save the planet - one cup of coffee at a time!

Our planet needs a new sustainable future, and that means you and I need to take direct action to save the planet and not require governments to take the lead. The case study in this keynote will show you how to take direct action through the humble cup of coffee.

In the B2B world we will look at why persuasion is more than just logic. To be courageous, you must combine both logic and emotion, this allows you to be more effective and get to ‘yes’ more often.

For the planet, the breakthrough is in using the spent coffee grounds (SCGs) from every cafe and restaurant as a resource not waste, to create life giving compost.

This keynote will challenge your thinking on how to win more B2B business and to actively create a better future for our planet. I do guarantee by the end of the session you will need a coffee or two.

Business strategies built around the radically more productive use of natural resources can solve many environmental problems at a profit.
— A Road Map for Natural Capitalism

The session will be highly interactive, challenging you with live examples of how you can best apply this to your best customers.

If you are serious about your future, this is a session you can’t afford to miss at your conference!

This keynote is a must of everyone in your organisation who needs to persuade customers in challenging environments.

Discussion points during the keynote:

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  • Aristotle was a master at persuasion.

  • Common mistakes you make when trying to persuade.

  • A powerful model that can be used for courageous persuasion.

  • Saving the planet one cup of coffee at a time.

Each person attending the keynote will receive a copy of the eBook: Persuade Your Way to Success, valued at $9.99.