the creative negotiator

the creative negotiator

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The Creative Negotiator

Changing the Focus to Value in all B2B negotiations

For today's global leaders, negotiation is a vital skill needed to achieve results in a range of business interactions. When you understand how to effectively negotiate, you can plan and achieve better outcomes in every situation by changing the focus to value, not price!

Successful leaders and managers consistently negotiate effectively with critical stakeholders both internally and externally, by building genuine and authentic relationships to achieve results.

Negotiating is a skill that can be learnt and practiced to achieve required outcomes. When individuals and teams understand how to negotiate well, they focus on leveraging far more and not less substantive issues.

Negotiation in today's commercial context is demanding, complex and vital to the success of your business. Negotiation skills are a core competency of every successful team member. It is the avenue to sustainable business growth, cohesive teams, strong business relationships and commercial value.

managing b2b customers you can't afford to lose

managing b2b customers you can't afford to lose

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Managing B2B customers you can't afford to lose

How to create joint value with your strategic accounts

From our experience, the Top 10 to 20 accounts of any B2B organisation typically represent 60-80% of revenue and profit. We have seen cases as high as 95%. The consequences of losing one of these customers are dramatic, and in today's business environment it is virtually impossible to replace these customers; your competitors will protect that at all cost.

Companies commonly retain customers the 'easy' way: by discounting prices, by increasing rebates, by extending terms and by providing more for less. 

This book shows a different way to manage your most important customers more effectively, and how you can drive growth through your most important customers. So, your most important customers become a strategic asset instead of a strategic risk.

persuading for results

persuading for results

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Persuading for Results

How to become a persuasive presenter

When persuading for results, you will need to persuade individuals and persuade groups. For most high-stakes persuasion, you must persuade a group - a group with diverse people, diverse interests and diverse opinions - this book will make you more effective at persuading groups.

Revealed in this book:

  • Breakthrough thinking for faster preparation

  • Effective methods of persuasion

  • Buying styles

  • Influencing executives

  • Using language persuasively

  • Persuading with stories

  • Persuading with images

  • Most common mistakes

  • How to create a positive impression instantly... and plenty more!