Researching Your Customers

beyond data and insights, we deliver actions and results

Your B2B world is changing faster. To win today you need insights from your best customers to make strategic responses that add value to your customers and their business.

You must understand the disruptions affecting your marketplace and industry. The key to competing with disruption is to turn big data into insights and to understand how disruption impacts your multiple stakeholders. Decisions about what to change should not be driven by spreadsheets, but driven by evidence from customers research.

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Researching your customers enables you to improve strategic relationships faster. So, you can improve results faster and improve your competitive edge faster.

We have extensive experience with qualitative and quantitative methods. For qualitative insights we recommend C-Suite interviews. For quantitative insights we recommend online surveys. Depending on the scope of the project we may recommend both.

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c-suite interviews

We plan C-Suite interviews that will produce insights into your strategic relationships and your customers’strategic plans. Preparing for the interview involves in-depth research of your customers’ organisation. In our experience, this preparation shows credibility because in the limited time for the interview we ensure the executive discusses critical strategic issues.

customer surveys

As experienced executives, we understand that surveys are not only to collect data, but also to identify what action is required. So, we build surveys to produce recommendations that specific managers within the organisation can be accountable to implement.

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Focus Groups

Having conducted numerous focus groups across many industries, we understand that the purpose of a focus group is not to just collect data but to understand attitudes and behaviours and how they may impact the adoption of future strategies. So, we plan focus groups that will produce insights into the how and why questions of human behaviour.