Solve Problems Faster the Right Way

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Challenge your existing thinking

Speaker: Gary Peacock

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The world gets more complex every year. What we were taught at school or college - logic, maths and science - does not seem to help us. In business, we are perpetually faced with the problem: how can we get more with less?

That's more with less money, more with less people and more with less time. For a while we can tweak things to be a little better. Then to make progress we need to have more radical ideas, to challenge how and why we are doing things in the existing way.

Increasingly, the companies that win are those who learn faster, act quicker and adapt sooner.
— Mark Feldman

One of the most effective ways of challenging the existing way is: the 'right way'. By the 'right way', we mean using the right hand side of your brain: the creative, the social and the intuitive.

But this is business I hear you say, we don't do right brain stuff.

Well, guess what? That's why you don't see many of your people challenging how you currently do things.

This keynote will provide practical insights an tools that help you solve problems faster by solving the 'right way'. Using examples and tools to help you be more creative at solving problems faster.

The session will involve practical demonstrations so you can experience the 'right way'.

Discussion points during the keynote:

  • How can you challenge your left brain thinking? Use the right brain.

  • What kind of problems should be solved not by big data but by teams?

  • Why you need to watch out for pendulum thinking?

  • Tools for solving problems the right way.

Gary Peacock is a leading consultant and author who has worked with some of Australia's biggest businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical products and financial services. With over 20 years' experience in senior manager roles, his practical experience enables him to understand the challenges of changing behaviours and sustaining organic growth.

When not delivering keynotes, he is working with executives and senior managers to improve their results faster.

If you are serious about your future, this is a session you can't afford to miss at your conference!

This keynote is a must for everyone who needs to challenge the existing way. A humorous, practical experience to use some right brain thinking and gain insights you can take back to your workplace to solve problems faster and the 'right way'.

Included in this keynote:

  • Understanding of when to use the right brain to challenge the way you currently do things.

  • Insights on right brain thinking.

  • Tools to solve problems faster.

Each person attending the keynote will receive a copy of the highly acclaimed eBook: Challenge Your Thinking.