Strategic Account Management

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We live in a world where business and markets change rapidly, prove your value

Customers are becoming more sophisticated in their buying strategies, so sales and key account teams need to be savvier too. For most companies a few key customers produce a large share of profits, so losing a major customer results in a larger profit loss.

Consequently, successful sales and senior management teams need to plan and build strategies for handling key accounts that drive longer-term relationships and higher profitability.

Our Strategic Account Management program provides you with the tools to manage key customers. You will learn how to create strategic account plans, prioritise accounts, and better allocate time and resources in order to reach sales targets and improve profits. The program will demonstrate how your organisation can build relationships with your customers, understand their changing needs, increase your value to their business and increase their loyalty so that every customer is an active referral to your business.

Who should attend:

This program is suited to all company stakeholders who play a role in managing key customer relationships, including:

  • Sales managers and key account managers in large companies
  • Senior and functional managers across the business who have P&L responsibility
  • Teams members involved in negotiating with key accounts (including sales and marketing managers and directors)
  • Those who manage senior level relationships with key stakeholders 

Program Outcomes:

As a result of this program your team will develop skills and processes that include:

  • Building a profitable and customer-driven key account company
  • Understanding your critical customer needs and developing ways to protect these key accounts
  • Leveraging the competitive advantage of key accounts to your business
  • Examining the financial fundamentals of dealing with major accounts
  • Influencing key stakeholders and different audiences in critical accounts to ensure financial gain
  • Learning to negotiate with accounts that focus on price
  • Developing ways of protecting key accounts

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