Workshops for Results

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successful transformations need consulting and a new strategic direction

Successful transformations involve a series of workshops, blended learning and on the job application. Regardless of the challenge, we deliver practical workshops that produce real and fast results.

All workshops are customised to your specific business environment and needs. To ensure you get the maximum results from the workshop, based on your priorities we apply pre-workshop reading and live examples. Ensuring all tools created for the workshops are specific to your business priorities and the outputs of the workshop remain the property of your company.

Using learning with action-centred programs rather than pure concept-only learning, enables workshops to reflect differences in groups and to have a lasting impact. Blended learning is used to integrate tools and insights into your real business issues. Blended learning can include attending regular business meetings to coach and mentor on live business issues.

For each workshop, the method of delivery involves lectures, group activities, role-plays and structured learning experiences with a case study approach. Workshops are highly interactive, engaging the group in processes that are guaranteed to challenge the thinking of the participants about how they are doing business.

In changing markets, we help global clients to implement recommendations to improve their business relationships. We work fast, so by working with us you will get better results, faster.

We also deliver a public workshop - Negotiation Leadership at ACU.

In this 2-day workshop you will learn how to choose the most effective strategy for each negotiation and then execute it effectively, putting knowledge into action by developing a 30-day action plan for your selected real-world negotiation.

2019 dates:

Melbourne: 22-23 October 2018