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Involve your audience

When Persuading for Results, involving your audience throughout your presentation helps maintain their attention. Indeed, self-discovery and practical application is often the most effective way of learning and the most effective way of persuading. There are many ways to involve people, depending on the size of your audience. You may like to give people an opportunity to test your product, or to have them work with your ideas actively. Make sure the activity you use is linked back to your message. The activity should reinforce your message, not distract from it.

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The Interactive Image (Part 2 - The Audience's Image)

In a previous blog, we discussed the presenter's image as an interactive image. Now we will move onto the second method.

In this second method, the Persuasive Presenter allows the audience to select their own images for their own reason. This suits a workshop format and produces plenty of interaction.

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The Interactive Image (Part 1 – The Presenter’s image)

When using the image as an illustration, the presenter assigns meaning to the image, as discussed in our previous blog The Skilful Use of Images. In contrast, when using the ‘interactive image’ method the audience assigns a meaning to an image. There are three methods of the interactive approach:

1.       Presenter’s image – Audience’s meaning

2.       Audience’s image – Audience’s meaning

3.      Common image – Audience’s meaning

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