Rapid Results from Teams: Creating Value

Again and again, the problem is solved when we see the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made.
— Robert H. Schuller

Value for your organisation comes from solving business problems and seizing business opportunities for both your organisation and your top customers. 

Solving problems or seizing opportunities as part of a team can leave many feeling frustrated. The usual response is "It would have been quicker if I had done it myself". Working in a team people either compete or conform. When competing they destroy ideas, when conforming they just suggest the usual, old ideas - never anything fresh or new.

Using a process to solve problems or seize opportunities produces fast results, while avoiding competing or conforming. Involving the right people - affected by the problem or implementing the solutions - they know how and why the solution was chosen. This provides ownership and facilitates the implementation process.

Solving problems for your top customers can also provide you with a competitive edge.

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