Focus on Growth_Now!

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Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.
— Napolean Hill

The world has changed dramatically and forever. Your industry and your top clients are feeling the stress as their markets change, fast. These fast changes mean that your business needs to be more agile in response to the market. Companies unprepared for these changes, this means lower revenue and lower profits.

Every year at strategic planning meetings, executives present wonderful growth targets that bear little resemblance to their markets and competitive threats. Many executives secure resources for their next financial year and postpone to the future tough decisions about changing priorities for growth.

Growing your business, your market share and your profitability is not an operational priority; growing your business is a leadership priority. If your strategy is to grow, then growth is driven by value and deep client insights, not by racing your competitors to the bottom with a price war.

Growth is more important than cutting costs. Download the full article below.