What impact will Artificial Intelligence have on your industry?

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We are drowning in information while starving from wisdom.
— E.O.Wilson

As shareholders and executives continue to demand growing profits; companies must increase revenue or increase productivity. However, increasing revenue and increasing productivity are getting harder. Can artificial intelligence (Ai) be a way to improve productivity and gain a competitive edge? There are many articles on Ai filled with acronyms or technical terms - machines, algorithms and bots. The robots are coming - are you ready?

IBM Watson has created an ‘AI Inspiration Series’ aimed at helping people leverage the power of Ai to drive better business and customer experience outcomes. Providing inspiration and using case studies, the briefings show how to get started and use Ai as a competitive advantage. Check out the series here: http://ibm.biz/inspiration.

But is Ai just another fad? Or, can it help increase sales and reduce costs? To answer this question for your business and industry, you first need to understand what Ai is and what it can and can’t deliver.

We have attended some of the IBM briefings and learned a lot more about what Ai can deliver now. The early briefings have identified the need:

  • to decide where to invest in Ai that will drive the most growth and solve your pain points;

  • to start small and experiment';

  • to start now, so you don’t get left behind.

The first step in this journey is to find out all you can about Ai and what it means for you. In this guide for managers, discover what Ai means, cutting through the confusion and finding out if it is an opportunity or a threat? Understand some of the common jargon. Find out the limitations of Ai and the questions you need to ask.

So, no matter what industry you are in, get some ideas about how you can get your organisation ready for Ai, download the guide here: What is Artificial Intelligence?