Managing B2B customers you can't afford to lose

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Managing B2B customers you can't afford to lose


This book shows a different way to manage your most important customers more effectively, and how you can drive the growth through your most important customers. So, your most important customers become a strategic asset instead of a strategic risk.

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How to create joint value with your strategic accounts

From our experience, the top 10 to 20 accounts of any B2B organisation typically represents 60-80% of revenue and profit. We have seen cases as high as 95%. The consequences of losing one of these customers are dramatic, and in today's business environment it is virtually impossible to replace these customers; your competitors will protect them at all cost.

Companies commonly retain customers the 'easy' way: by discounting prices, by increasing rebates, by extending terms and by providing more for less.

This book explores:

  • How markets are changing
  • Why companies need to treat their strategic accounts differently
  • How to successfully implement Strategic Account Management (SAM)
  • How to create more value and build sustainable relationship with key accounts

Includes these resources:

  • The SAM framework
  • Killer questions tool
  • Online access to two customer audit tools
  • Online access to an account segmentation tool
  • Four detailed case studies, and many mini-case studies

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