The Creative Negotiator

The Creative Negotiator


Negotiation is a skill that can be learned and practiced to achieve required outcomes. When individuals and organisations understand how to negotiate well, they focus on leveraging far more and not less substantive issues.

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Changing the focus to value in all B2B negotiations

For today's global leaders, negotiation is a vital skill needed to achieve results in a range of business interactions. When you understand how to effectively negotiate, you can plan and achieve better outcomes in every situation by changing the focus to value, not price!

Successful leaders and managers consistently negotiate effectively with critical stakeholders both internally and externally, by building genuine and authentic relationships to achieve results.

Negotiation in today's commercial context is demanding, complex and vital to the success of your business. Negotiation skills are a core competency of every successful team member. It is the avenue to sustainable business growth, cohesive teams, strong business relationships and commercial value.

This book explores:

  • analysing negotiation situation and choosing the best approach
  • applying the negotiation framework to your business, department or organisation
  • minimising common mistakes made by negotiators
  • understanding your negotiating style and how to be more adaptive

The book includes these resources:

  • printable summary of the negotiation framework
  • downloadable negotiation planning tool
  • online access to the global substantive issues tool
  • value process for use in every negotiation

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The Creative Negotiator
April 2017 Philip Kotler

John gave me a copy of The Creative Negotiator. The book is impressive. I finally have a book to recommend when someone says that the want to master negotiation


Stephen Kozicki scores big with 'The Creative Negotiator'
September 2016 John Caslione (5/5)

Stephen Kozicki scores big once again. His latest book, The Creative Negotiator is a complete compendium of negotiating skills training and spot-on strategies that we all need in the new more turbulent and uncertain business environment. Kozicki provides his readers with an impressive 'how-to-step-by-step' approach to getting the best results for both experienced and inexperienced negotiators in un-leveraged negotiations - negotiations where you want to continue with a constructive relationship with the negotiator's counter-party, which is most of the negotiations that any of us will do. Kozicki gives plenty of real-life examples and cases demonstrating the successes applying what he is offering to his readers, including plenty of what 'not-to-do's' that are also very instructive to the reader. Thanks, Stephen, for providing still one more 'must-read' that deserves to be front and center in every serious business person's repertoire of leading edge contemporary business tools.


Stephen Kozicki's The Creative Negotiator is an excellent book
October 2016 Rodney Marks (5/5)

I enjoyed the book for its readable mix of theory and practice. I usually only give five stars to Uber drivers, but Kozicki has really nailed negotiation.


Changing the Focus to Value and Lowest Delivered Price - driving sustainable profits for all
November 2016 Todd C Snelgrove (5/5)

The Creative Negotiator Changing the focus to value focuses your energy and gives you tools, and relevant real world examples, for both buyer and sellers to focus on how both can win, not at the expense of the other side but in a mutually beneficial fashion. The reminders, tips, and tools, are a great resource, even for those that have been at negotiation for over 20 years. The take-aways are well worth your investment. Your return on investment will be amazing. Congratulations to Stephen Kozicki and the Gordian team for sharing the best ways we can all move forward focused on value created, delivered, and realised for both parties zero sum negotiations.