No time to persuade?

Know, Feel, Do works because it’s the shortest distance between what’s in your head and what people need to see or hear - that still respects the very personal needs of your audience.
— Bill Jensen

We are all busy, too short of time with our too long to-do lists.

When I suggest spend more time preparing to persuade, some people roll their eyes. They have too little time without taking more time to persuade. So, they will do nothing or they will take a short-cut. Yet, we all know the definition of short-cut:

'A short-cut is the longest distance between two points.'

Author Bill Jensen came up with three words to remember: Know, Feel, Do. To make time to persuade you must prepare fast, just ask three questions:

  1. What do you want people to know?
  2. How do you want people to feel when you're finished?
  3. What do you want people to do next?

Your answers to these questions should be no longer than a sentence for each question.

No time to persuade? Try: Know, Feel, Do. And join us at UTS to gain practical tools to persuade faster.