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How can you decide in a dust storm of data?

As a lecturer in change management at AGSM, I talk with many professionals from different companies and industries. A few innovative companies are working on improving their customer experience and their employee experience. These innovative companies are introducing artificial intelligence (Ai) and increasing the skills of their people, particularly their social intelligence. These companies are making courageous decisions to invest in a time of uncertainty to create a competitive edge. In an increasingly challenging business environment, sitting back and waiting to see what the future will bring is a very dangerous strategy.

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How can you persuade a customer you can't afford to lose? (Part 1)

Donald Trump would probably say: Just tell em!

In the real world it's often not appropriate to just tell em! So, we need to have more sophisticated tools available.

At the end of 2016, Persuasion guru Robert Cialdini published his latest book Pre-suasion. To condense his 300 page book into two sentences he says:

  1. What do you do before you persuade customers can have a major (hidden) influence on their decisions.
  2. We and our customers assume that what we are focusing on is especially important.

So, what's so important about Pre-suasion?

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Using Colour to persuade

Colour is a powerful tool that can enhance any presentation. Research shows that colours can evoke an emotional response and make your message more memorable and persuasive. However the psychological impact of colour can also ruin your persuasive message, so think carefully about your choice of colour.

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Flatlining: Senior managers does your presentation have a heartbeat?

Senior managers often ask us to review critical presentations. These presentations may be critical because of who they are being presented to: directors, head office, best customers or important prospects. Or presentations may be critical because of what is being presented: winning the sales is budget-critical or convincing the audience is career-critical...

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