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Negotiation, Technology and Success!

Clearly in most negotiations involving technology it is becoming harder for negotiators on the supply side to show the strategic value of the technology to organisations on the buying side.

Clarity is required not around the features and benefits, but around the value piece.

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Negotiation, Sugar and Focus!

Recently, I worked with a team on a live negotiation with a private hospital. The deal was for medical supplies and drugs worth about $25 million a year for a three-year contract.

During the preparation I noticed two behaviours in the team. First, team members could not focus on preparation. The culprit being constantly handling their smart phones. Second, how quickly the team’s energy levels dropped during the day.

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Prepared Negotiators are problem solvers. Do you look for solutions!

We went from Australia to New York, Krakow, Warsaw, Paris, London, Dubai and then back to Sydney. The preparation for 5 people to travel that distance in a month was extraordinary.

However, it also meant that as problems arose, as they did, we were able to change our mind quickly, because of the preparation. Often working on live negotiations the more we prepare, the more we play with ‘what if’ possible solutions. The more we role play, the more we test possible ways of dealing with problems. This means that we can start negotiations not focused on stated positions, but examining the common ground that exists between all parties. We become a problem solver and solutions happen quicker.

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The Agile Negotiator!

Farm life has many lessons for the agile negotiator. As some of you know, my wife, 3 daughters and I own a farm 2 hours of north of Sydney in the beautiful Hunter Valley.  It is a lifestyle farm of nearly 13 acres, river frontage and a handmade timber and mud-brick house. A great place to recharge and reflect on life. It also helps to have one of the most popular vineyards in the Hunter Valley, Camyr Allyn, just up the road. 

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