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Are there Negotiation Archetypes, and why should I care?

Twenty years ago, one of the favourite words used by business gurus and keynote speakers at conferences was – a paradigm shift. Today you would think it is a button on a Tesla motor car. Now, a new hot word has appeared – archetype!

People ask at conferences or meetings are there negotiation archetypes? The answer is yes.

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Organisations must be Negotiation Ready!

“Where do we start?” The strategic direction of organisations are most effective when solving problems or leveraging opportunities.

Over the last few years, around the world, I’ve been fortunate to have researched and delivered some negotiation workshops on how and why organisations need to develop teams of negotiators and not just individual stars.

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The Negotiator's Dilemma: Ai or Hi®

As humans, how do we change our minds? How do we change our behaviour to negotiate for a new product or a new service? Like it or not we need to change because of artificial intelligence (Ai).

In 2015 the world of Ai changed forever because for some tasks the accuracy of Ai now exceeded the accuracy of humans. After this change, many leaders and industries realised that there was now an urgency to change.

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End of Financial Year: Ready, Set, Negotiate

n business, we are bombarded by information telling us that it’s the end of the financial year. Go to the mall, and JB Hifi and Harvey Norman shout at you too. We’ve even created a new word EOFY.

So what does that mean for you? Well, there are some opportunities to negotiate good deals. Why? Because you know that the other person is negotiating with a deadline and they need to get the sale. 

What do we mean?

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Negotiating: How can you send signals without saying a word?

Consider a typical two person negotiation: buying a house or buying a computer. Our experience shows most of these negotiations involve four major issues. For example, with a house: buy price, when to exchange money, size of deposit, what existing items in the house will be included. Or, when buying a new car: buy price, trade in value for existing car, length of warranty and what extras might be included (e.g. better audio system, rust proofing or special wheels). Whenever preparing for a negotiation we always advise you to use a planning sheet.

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What is your Negotiation Style?

Everyone is individual, yet we alter our behaviour according to different circumstances. Think about the way you interact with your friends. You don’t treat all your friends the same, do you? Isn’t there someone you know who’s a bit more sensitive than most – so you have to be extra careful not to hurt their feelings. Or what about that member of the family with such thick skin that you need to be blunt?

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Why bother with a negotiating process?

Your world is changing, and changing fast: characterised by turbulence; shifting regulations, evolving technology, economic uncertainty, and competitor movement and changing customer needs. These fast changes mean that you and your negotiation team needs to be more agile in response to these drivers.

As we continually say in our books and blogs, competitors are becoming more aggressive – favourite weapon of choice price. Customers are becoming more demanding, and shareholders are demanding increasing profits: so companies must either increase revenue or increase productivity. However, increasing revenue and productivity is getting harder.

The success of a negotiation depends on the planning and preparation done beforehand for each of the four distinct phases of the negotiation process:

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A delegate's view of keynote: Negotiate or Perish

Guest blog by Graham Godbee

I recently attended a business conference in Sydney and was fortunate to attend the session: Negotiate or Perish by Stephen Kozicki. As an experienced practitioner in executive management development programs, I found the session highly motivating and am keen to use some of his practical examples in my business negotiations.

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