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Are there Negotiation Archetypes, and why should I care?

Twenty years ago, one of the favourite words used by business gurus and keynote speakers at conferences was – a paradigm shift. Today you would think it is a button on a Tesla motor car. Now, a new hot word has appeared – archetype!

People ask at conferences or meetings are there negotiation archetypes? The answer is yes.

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Negotiation Teams need a Vision!

I recently had the pleasure of being on a panel discussion in Australia on the impact of human intelligence (Hi) and artificial intelligence (Ai) and creating a competitive edge by combining both. The main question is always “where do we start”? Start with your strategic goals. Ai and Hi are most successful when you use them to solve a problem or leverage an opportunity. A key message was - technology is an enabler, but success depends on leader’s ability to use technology and people together.

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Negotiators Need a Framework and Need to be Stress Tested

Some companies and industries are slowing down for their summer holidays and end of year celebrations. However, in other industries like the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, January is busy with training and planning for 2019. Last week, a manager asked, “How do teams prepare for negotiations with major accounts?”

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Is Your Company Creative Enough to Survive Disruption?

The issue of creativity will determine whether or not your company will survive or become a statistic. Trying to create an environment that is conducive to creativity, both for yourself and your teams will ultimately become a top priority for your company. How can your team become more creative?

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A delegate's view of keynote: Negotiate or Perish

Guest blog by Graham Godbee

I recently attended a business conference in Sydney and was fortunate to attend the session: Negotiate or Perish by Stephen Kozicki. As an experienced practitioner in executive management development programs, I found the session highly motivating and am keen to use some of his practical examples in my business negotiations.

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What is in your negotiation tool kit?

Managers in today's complex business environment require negotiation skills for business success. They need to develop a tool kit of negotiation strategies and understand how these influence and are influenced by their surroundings. Being successful in leading groups and shaping group decision making is vital, both internally and with key customers and suppliers.

In your tool kit you need tools to manage:

  • Relationships
  • Substantive Issues
  • Value
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