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Why Should You Negotiate for Data?

Next time you negotiate with a strategic customer, ask them to include more data. To understand the value of data, imagine you are a director of a radiology company with millions of digital images. A company asks to buy 100,000 images plus your diagnosis of each image.  This company will use these images to train Artificial Intelligence to analyse images automatically.  How much will you sell them for?

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How can you become a successful negotiator? (Part 1 - Types of negotiation)

To be a successful negotiator you need to understand that a negotiation can only take place when everyone involved thinks they will get some benefit from the transaction. Both sides want to be in on the deal and all will influence the outcome.

To be successful you must:

  • Analyse the negotiation and choose the best approach
  • Be well prepared
  • Pay careful attention to detail
  • Be creative

In essence - be a TOP negotiator.

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