How to Transform your Customer’s Journey (CX)

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The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.
— Jerry Gregoire

Bain research shows that 80% of companies believe they provide a great customer experience (CX), while only 8% of customers agree. Do you know what your customers think of you? And how can you improve your customer’s experience?

Successful CX leaders prioritise traditional methods, relationship building through talking and face-to-face meetings over technology methods like chatbots and predictive analytics. Customer feedback is main reason CX strategies succeed. While lack of employee knowledge and training is the main reason that CX strategies fail.

For your CX to be successful you need to ensure all your employees, not just those on the front line dealing with customers are part of your strategy. Every employee impacts the experience that your customers will experience.

To have a successful CX strategy you need to work on:

  • Company Culture

  • Executive Sponsorship

  • Making your Customers Successful

Feedback is a gift. Your customers care enough about you to share.
— Karen Ganschow, GM Consumer Marketing & Strategy, NAB