A delegate's view of keynote: Negotiate or Perish

You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate.
— Dr Chester Karrass

Guest blog by Graham Godbee

I recently attended a business conference in Sydney and was fortunate to attend the session: Negotiate or Perish by Stephen Kozicki. As an experienced practitioner in executive management development programs, I found the session highly motivating and am keen to use some of his practical examples in my business negotiations.

His keynote was dynamic and challenged my thinking while providing real examples and practical tools. His message: to obtain breakthrough results you must be a successful negotiator and leader. He shared stories that built on the strategies, techniques and tactics that he explored in his keynote. He made us laugh and got us involved in activities.

There were three key take-aways from his session:

  1. Relationships
    Managing both ourselves and the others in the negotiation to prevent issues becoming personal and halting the negotiation in its tracks.
  2. Substantive Issues
    Being able to identify and manage the substantive issues that are critical to success and using these to move the discussion away from price and towards value.
  3. Value
    How to create value before the negotiation so that it can be leveraged during the negotiation.

It was a great experience. So, if you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next business conference, that will challenge your team and motivate them to a new level of action, then look no further than Stephen Kozicki and Negotiate or Perish.