Don't lose your Budget: Invest in Insight

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Money is like an arm or leg - Use it or lose it.
— Henry Ford

If your financial year finishes in December, ensure you spend your budget. In most organisations, if you don’t spend it, then you lose it. You lose it, but you still must deliver 2019 results. And 2019 starts in less than 40 days.

There’s no time to waste.
— Anonymous

So, how can you use your budget wisely? A wise way would be to invest in insight. Find what changes you should make to deliver your 2019 results.

For example, have someone interview your best customers. Then you will start 2019 understanding what your top customers top priorities are and what your top customer's problems are. Discover what your top customer’s value and deliver more of it; discover what your top customers don’t value and deliver less of it of it. Deliver less of it and save costs.

Or, if you are frustrated with a business problem, have someone interview managers and recommend action.

Or, have someone deliver a keynote in January to challenge your people, so they start the year strongly.

Before 2018 finishes don’t lose your budget, invest in insight and start strong in 2019.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you know you have to hit the ground running.
— Laurie Foos