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How Can You Change Made-up Minds - Part 3

When changing made-up minds, we looked at some Cialdini tools and the power of stories. Once you understand the foundations of persuasion, there are many insights from persuasion research that can help in specific practical situations. The book The Small Big written by Steve Martin, Noah Goldstein and guru Robert Cialdini is a fantastic source of ideas. The idea of the book is to share some small things that can make a big difference to persuasion. There are 50 short chapters each devoted to an idea supported by rigorous research.

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How to win your pitch? Pitch with Cialdini.

How do you make sure that your pitch is effective? Make your presentations relevant to your customers. Robert Cialdini, persuasion guru has been researching persuasion since 1970. In his 2016 book Pre-suasion, he explains when to use his six universal principles of influence. But how should you apply these during your pitch?

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How can you persuade a customer you can't afford to lose (Part 2)

So, you need to persuade a customer you can't afford to lose? Where do you start? If we ask persuasion expert Robert Cialdini how to persuade your customer to act, he would suggest a few ways. Two are scarcity and consistency.

Scarcity is the best known technique, Consistency is not well understood and under-used.

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How can you persuade a customer you can't afford to lose? (Part 1)

Donald Trump would probably say: Just tell em!

In the real world it's often not appropriate to just tell em! So, we need to have more sophisticated tools available.

At the end of 2016, Persuasion guru Robert Cialdini published his latest book Pre-suasion. To condense his 300 page book into two sentences he says:

  1. What do you do before you persuade customers can have a major (hidden) influence on their decisions.
  2. We and our customers assume that what we are focusing on is especially important.

So, what's so important about Pre-suasion?

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Good lessons from bad persuasion

On my desk is a book called Catastrophe. The subtitle of the book: The story of Bernard L. Madoff, the man who swindled the world. In case you don't know who he is, he was a respected fund manager and former chairman of the NASDAQ who was arrested by the FBI for the "white-collar crime of the century": swindling investors out of US$50 billion.

So, how could so many professional investors and regulators be fooled, and for so long?

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