Persuading customers you can't afford to lose: Focus on them

Don’t sell products, help your customers succeed and thrive.
— Vadim Kotelnikov

The world of business is becoming ever more global and constantly changing, and changing fast. 

Companies have fewer customers producing larger share of their revenue and profit Losing one of these customers would have dramatic financial consequences. How would you replace their sales? How would you replace their margin? It's almost impossible to replace these customers because your competitors will protect their large customers at all cost.

Customer experience is a major differentiator for companies. With rising customer expectations it's a challenge for companies to differentiate their offerings while reducing costs and complexity for their customers and still make a profit.

Focus on your most important customers and make your company easy to deal with, keep things simple for your customers. Your customers will value convenience. But customise the experience, because there will be differences between your customers and within them.

This requires agile capabilities and great persuasive skills.

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