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What is Human Intelligence in the Age of Artificial Intelligence?

Companies not already implementing or trialing Ai are being left behind. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, playing catch up is difficult. But does Ai work for or against your existing workforce? How will the ‘Age of Ai’ affect the skills your company needs for the future.

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Persuasive Pitching: Make Them Listen & Win

For more effective pitches you need to make your presentations relevant and memorable. Show what value you can bring to your client to help then achieve their goals. Garr Reynolds has a ten point checklist to make your pitch a well-told story to win the business. It starts by turning off technology, so you can focus on the job at hand. Moving to technology only when you are ready to create your presentation - if that is the method you choose to use.

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Persuading customers you can't afford to lose: Focus on them

The world of business is becoming ever more global and constantly changing, and changing fast. 

Companies have fewer customers producing larger share of their revenue and profit Losing one of these customers would have dramatic financial consequences. How would you replace their sales? How would you replace their margin? It's almost impossible to replace these customers because your competitors will protect their large customers at all cost.

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