Senior Executives and Key Account Teams need to be smarter.

Growth and profit are a product
of how people work together.
 Ricardo Semler

We have been overwhelmed with demand for our latest book, and how many customers in the region want it for their Senior Executives and Key Account team. The reprint of the book is now available through Matrixplus
and it is also available as an ebook on Amazon

As customers are becoming more sophisticated in their buying strategies, so sales and key account management teams need to be smarter too. For most companies, a few customers produce a large share of the profits, so losing a major customer results in a large profit loss. Consequently, successful sales and senior management teams need to plan and build strategies for handling key accounts that drive longer-term relationships and higher profitability.

Prioritising different customers and major accounts increases your return on investment, and ensures you reach sales targets and improve profits. This book provides you with the tools to manage your key customers, check out this free chapter to see how -

 The book focuses on :

  • creating strategic account plans
  • prioritising accounts
  • better allocating time and resources
  • building deeper stronger relationships with your customers
  • understanding your customer's changing needs
  • increasing value to your customer's business
  • increasing customer loyalty - making every customer an active referrer
  • retaining and growing key accounts
  • creating barriers to competition

 Make your most important customers a strategic asset rather than a strategic risk.