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Brexit Negotiations: How to make the impossible deal (part 3)

In the first blog of this series, we reviewed how to get a deal for Brexit and understood that the top eight countries by population are critical: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands and Belgium. First to prevent a blocking coalition and second to create a winning coalition of countries. In the second blog, we explained how to prepare for these complex negotiations. In this third blog, we will examine roles when negotiating as a team. Then we will look at how to negotiate in multi-party negotiations.

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Brexit Negotiations: Mission Impossible?

So, the UK has voted for Brexit. What's next? Negotiating the exit. What does this involve? Part of this is Article 50, where the UK has to give notice it's leaving. There's good news and bad news about Article 50. The good news is it's only 300 words and the bad news is it's only 300 words. Why both good news and bad news?

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