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What can Trump and Brexit teach us about persuasion (Part 1)

As the world reels at the second big shock in 2016, Donald Trump elected as President of the USA, after the UK voted for Brexit. What can we learn about persuasion? So many polls, so many authorities got both events wrong.

We might be tempted to believe as Richard Thaler, Professor of Behavioural Science & Economics said after Trump won, ”This is …a defeat for science and expertise.” No, this is not a defeat for logic. Logic could never win; this is a win for emotion.

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How to discredit your competitors

A headline about the US presidential debate claimed Hillary Clinton unties the Gordian Knot (ABC news online 27 September 2016). In this case, the Gordian Knot is

"... the growing realisation that Mr Trump continues to rise no matter what serial atrocities or outrages he commits ..."

The article talks of Mrs Clinton unpicking the knot during the debate. In plain language, she discredited Mr Trump. The new 2016 book by influence guru Robert Cialdini helps us understand why Hillary was so successful.

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