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People love to talk but hate to listen

In business today people are so busy and so pushed to deliver results that, with important customers or important family members, they talk more than listen. People will rarely listen to you if they don’t feel that you have listened and understood them. Listening is important.

A few weeks ago with an IT executive, we discussed some implementation challenges with his strategy. When we finished, he said, “Thanks, I enjoyed our meeting, it was just like talking to a rubber plant.” 

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What can Trump and Brexit teach us about persuasion (Part 1)

As the world reels at the second big shock in 2016, Donald Trump elected as President of the USA, after the UK voted for Brexit. What can we learn about persuasion? So many polls, so many authorities got both events wrong.

We might be tempted to believe as Richard Thaler, Professor of Behavioural Science & Economics said after Trump won, ”This is …a defeat for science and expertise.” No, this is not a defeat for logic. Logic could never win; this is a win for emotion.

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As Negotiators have we lost the art of listening?

Negotiators build trust through listening

One of the great pleasures I have in working on live negotiations with senior global executives, is being able to watch great negotiators reach a successful outcome in tough circumstances. This is achieved through careful planning and a genuine connection with the other person or persons...

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