Growing B2B Results through Value©

Working with B2B executives and decision makers, we help you grow $ faster by delivering sustainable results for your customers and beating your competitors.

Some of the challenges we have helped with:

  • How to Sell and Negotiate with Customers you can't afford to lose
  • How to Resist Price Pressure
  • How to Sell more to Customers in Competitive markets
  • How Executives can Implement Change Faster than their competitors to Win more Business
  • How to get Customers to do what you want Faster
  • How to Influence Executives and Decision Makers
  • How to Reach Profit Targets Faster

Companies we have helped with these challenges:



Working with leading companies in financial services, pharmaceutical, medical products and high end manufacturing markets, Gordian Business is a dynamic B2B consulting firm. We find creative solutions and opportunities to deliver breakthrough B2B results. Across Australia, China and the Asian region, we help grow your business using client research to increase your competitive edge and to improve your results by leveraging your differentiated capabilities.

Each consulting project is managed by a senior member of the Gordian Team. This ensures the team's expertise - industry thought leaders, best-selling authors and academic best-in-class contributors - will be used in your projects.

In your ever-changing marketplace, to leverage your opportunities or overcome your problems, we will work with you to create the best plan to implement changes. We always adapt our tools and actions to suit our clients' next challenge. Our priority is for you to achieve better results faster, now and in the future. We listen to your challenges and then challenge your thinking.

From our clients' results, our consulting projects increase profits: one client received $17 revenue for every $1 invested. Our goal is not only to increase revenue, but also to deliver long-term, sustainable and profitable growth.

Workshops for Results

Successful transformations need consulting and a new strategic direction. This involves a series of workshops, blended learning and on the job application. Regardless of the challenge, we deliver practical workshops that produce real and fast results.

All workshops are customised to your specific business environment and needs. To ensure you get the maximum results from the workshop, based on your priorities we apply pre-workshop reading and live examples. This ensures all tools created for the workshops are specific to your business priorities and the outputs of the workshop remain the property of your company.

Using learning with action-centred programs rather than pure concept-only learning, enables workshops to reflect differences in groups and to have a lasting impact. Blended learning is used to integrate tools and insights into your real business issues. Blended learning can include attending regular business meetings to coach and mentor on live business issues. 

For each workshop, the method of delivery involves lectures, group activities, role-plays and structured learning experiences with a case study approach. Workshops are highly interactive, engaging the group in processes that are guaranteed to challenge the thinking of the participants about how they are doing business.

In changing markets, we help global clients to implement recommendations to improve their business relationships. We work fast, so by working with us you will get better results, faster.


In this 2-day workshop you will learn how to choose the most effective strategy for each negotiation and then execute it effectively, putting knowledge into action by developing a 30-day action plan for your selected real-world negotiation.

2018 Dates:

Sydney                   Melbourne                       Brisbane
8-9 May                  15-16 May                         29-30 May
13-14 November   20-21 November              27-28 November

Your world is changing, so you need to challenge your team, department or organisation to change: change their thinking and change their behaviour.

A keynote session delivered by someone outside your organisation will show why they need to change and what they need to change. Each keynote session is presented by a senior member of the Gordian team and includes practical tools and practical insights that your audience can immediately apply to their team, business or organisation.

Our keynote sessions are high energy. We often deliver in the session most speakers hate - just after lunch - because we get the audience active, involved and working on ideas. So, we energise the audience for the rest of the day. Engaged audiences are more open to change and creating breakthrough ideas.

Creating value for your customers so your company can capture financial value.
— Adam Brandenburger & Barry Nalebuff

Researching your customers

Your B2B world is changing faster. To win today you need insights from your best customers to make strategic responses that add value to your customers and their business.

You must understand the disruptions affecting your marketplace and industry. The key to competing with disruption is to turn big data into insights and to understand how disruption impacts your multiple stakeholders. Decisions about what to change should not be driven by spreadsheets, but driven by evidence from customer research. 

Researching your customers, enables you to improve strategic relationships faster. So, you can improve results faster and improve your competitive edge faster.

We have extensive experience with qualitative and quantitative methods. For qualitative insights we recommend C-Suite interviews. For quantitative insights we recommend online surveys. Depending on the scope of the project we may recommend both.

Beyond data and insights, we deliver actions and results.

C-Suite interviews

We plan C-Suite interviews that will produce insights into your strategic relationships and your customer's strategic plans. Preparing for the interview involves in-depth research of your customer's organisation. In our experience this preparation shows credibility because in the limited time for the interview we ensure the executive discusses critical strategic issues.

customer surveys

As experienced executives, we understand that surveys are not only to collect data, but also to identify what action is required. So, we build surveys to produce recommendations that specific managers within the organisation can be accountable to implement.