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Are Procurement undervaluing suppliers?

In a previous blog, we explored the market trends impacting B2B business negotiations and determined there were two main themes from these trends. The first of these being: Procurement - undervaluing suppliers.

The way organisations buy has become more sophisticated, so more companies have introduced professional procurement managers into their negotiations with suppliers. In today's business environment companies must pull every possible lever to improve profits, so getting a price reduction on a product or service is the easiest way to reduce costs. On face value getting cheaper prices seems an appropriate approach, however, we challenge that paradigm.

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Market Trends Impacting B2B Business Negotiations

There are a few relentless market trends impacting how B2B companies do business. These market trends are long-term and impact the top and bottom lines of B2B companies around the world.

1.      Customer Consolidation

2.      Centralisation of Decision Making

3.      Different Decision Makers

4.      Increasing Competition

All of these market trends are making it harder to keep, win and grow customers profitably. What does this mean for your organisation?

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