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Amazon - why kill bookstores and then open bookstores?

Over the last five years, we have all watched Amazon dominate book sales and many retail book stores have closed unable to compete. So, when I heard Amazon were opening bookstores, I was baffled. When Amazon have destroyed bookstores, why would they start to open bookstores?

On a recent visit to New York I was curious to see just what an Amazon bookstore looked like. See for yourself:

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What's your strategy for 2017?

We ended 2016 with a real wake-up call for everybody in a leadership, executive or management role – the status quo of business was disrupted.

Over the holiday break I would take a book down to the beach to read which inevitably attracted conversation from other beach goers, firstly on me being the only person reading a book with everybody else on some device.

I liked the book because it challenged some of my concepts around leadership and self-motivation and that is always a sign of a great book.

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Negotiators need to be agile and adaptive in 2015

I have been approached a couple of times in the last couple of weeks for information on where clients can attend public programs on Negotiation. We are pleased to announce we are now presenting these programs through UTS.

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