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Impossible Problems can be solved if you see a different future!

In the last blog, we looked at the Impossible Problem Innovation Model® and started to deconstruct the concept of an impossible problem.

Let’s continue that focus because too quickly, people bypass the concept of clarity around a problem or opportunity. If you want to innovate and solve an impossible problem or leverage a fantastic opportunity you need to put in the work upfront to make that happen.

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The pace of change produces problems for you to solve - locally and globally!

Global industries and local communities struggle with the pace of change. Typically, the pace of change is reducing resources like time, money and people. Reducing resources creates difficult problems that appear to be impossible to solve, what we call impossible problems. In local and global marketplaces, impossible problems occur for organisations and for individuals. For all these impossible problems, we need brave individuals to take action to solve the problems and then implement the solutions.

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How Can You Increase Performance Using Innovation?

A small group of organisations are serious about increasing their performance using innovation. A larger group pay lip service to increasing their performance using innovation. Those that pay lip service are unaware of how their policies and practices can discourage innovation. What can discourage innovation? We explore some wisdom from the book, Seeing what others don't: The remarkable ways we gain insights by Gary Klein. Who?

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What capabilities do you need in a robotic age?

The B2B world is changing, and the skills and capabilities of staff need to change to match this. Is your company prepared? Have you started to build your capabilities for an unsure and volatile future? Creativity, critical thinking and tech capability are becoming essential skills for leaders.

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Can Problem-Solving really Build Teams?

It is one thing to have a problem to solve; it is another to use this as a means of improving and strengthening your business, to make it your competitive advantage. When you have a problem to solve and need to establish a project team, it's an opportunity to develop internal relationships and remove inter-departmental barriers.

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Is Your Company Creative Enough to Survive Disruption?

The issue of creativity will determine whether or not your company will survive or become a statistic. Trying to create an environment that is conducive to creativity, both for yourself and your teams will ultimately become a top priority for your company. How can your team become more creative?

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Top 5 actions for innovating in your company

Has innovation become a cliché? What does it really mean? People have many different ideas and here are just two:

  • Innovation is successfully applied ideas.
  • Disruptive innovation involves the utter disturbance of the status quo.

In a disruptive and volatile B2B world, senior decision makers need to improve results much faster than ever.  But growing revenue and profits in a sustainable way and creating more value for customers is becoming harder. So, everyone is searching for some innovation to help them overcome their increasing challenges.

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Should innovation be left to your creative teams?

Innovation is not just about ‘out of the box’, ‘blue-sky’ solutions. Sure, we need to use some right-brain thinking to free our imaginations and find creative answers. But, you need to match this with a left-brain process and hard work. Organisations can do a great job and spend lots of time solving the wrong problem. So, it’s important to take the time to understand the real problem that needs to be solved and to make sure the real problem is well defined.

How do you define your problems?

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Do your people feel responsible for innovation?

The last question Gary Hamel asked in his short 9-minute video was: Do you feel personally responsible for innovation? This raises many issues. In another post, I will discuss accountability and measures. This post discusses how to get your staff to buy in to ideas for innovation.

A simplistic way to look at people and innovation is ...

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